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Sarin Energy introduces the Sarin Relief Project, designed to help you upgrade your lighting and save money!

SARIN Energy has been in business for over 10 years and has quickly become one of the largest
LED lighting manufacturers and suppli
ers in the midwest. 

They created the SARIN Relief Project as a way to help business owners convert to LED without having to write a big check. The SRP completely retrofits member’s facilities with LED lighting, and saves at least 30% in lighting costs during month one. It also completely covers install and maintenance.

The member then pays a monthly membership fee based on the lights they get.
The membership fee will always be less than the savings from their new lights. After 36 months, the contract ends and they’re your lights! No loans or hoops to jump through. Just an affordable retrofit without the headaches.

Reach out to SARIN Energy today to learn more and see if your building qualifies for membership!

Call (816) 606-3938 to learn more!

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